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In the movie ‘What About Bob’ the main character Bob gets strapped to the mast of a sail boat and declares to the world, “I’m sailing! I’m a sailor!” That’s a bit how I feel right now; “I’m blogging! I’m a blogger!”  <grin>

On that note, WELCOME to my blog! The intention of this blog is to capture my passion and experiences as I blend in my two favorite mediums, acrylic paint and natural perfume ingredients. I am an artist and natural perfumer. Often as I am painting or blending fragrant oils I think about how our senses are so intertwined. It really is amazing how the smell of the paint has become almost therapeutic and when I’m blending essential oils it’s not just the fragrance that brings me joy, but also the visual artistry and color that comes with it. Our senses were created to interact and bring us joy even when we don’t realize it. But that’s a topic for a post of it’s own.

I have a little home/internet business that I’ve been developing since the end of 2009. Checkout my websites: and for more about me and what I do.

I hope you will consider subscribing to my blog and feel welcome to leave comments about your thoughts and impressions as well. My intention is to blog about fragrant experiences, beautiful and interesting fragrant combinations, painting experiences, and the emotion and energy that goes into each project. Other musings will certainly come along the way, it’s just inevitable…but I’ll try to keep off-topic posts to a minimum. <grin>

Thanks for reading!

Fragrant Blessings,