Project Perfumery

This last week has been busy! On Monday I met with the owner of The Pearl Day Spa here in Eugene about my perfumes. I am excited to say that my perfume line will soon be sold at The Pearl! Thus the busyness. My perfumes need to be ready and on display before Valentine’s Day. Not really a problem, except that I didn’t have enough of a few oils on hand to make up some of the large batches I need. So I had to put in a few rush orders. Mostly I had what I needed on hand, so I’ve been busy making boxes, labeling bottles, and blending larger batches of solid perfumes and my new oil perfumes.

Large batches of perfume aren’t too terribly different from small batches, except that my precision scale only goes up to 40 grams, so if my batch is getting much larger than that I have to be careful to not reach that threshold without clearing, adding, and starting from zero. The other thing that is different about making large batches of perfume is that there aren’t many small mistakes, at this point a small mistake is always difficult to fix and could compromise the whole batch.  Once before when making a 4 oz batch of my jasmine based perfume, Haute, I accidentally grabbed a bottle of vetiver oil and started adding it. I didn’t add much before I realized my mistake, but it was too late – it was totally ruined and there was no covering it up. Ah well, that mistake just made me even more cautions about checking and double checking. Thankfully, no big mistakes yet. Only two smallish mistakes so far to speak of. I ordered my Pink Lotus Flower absolute in the wrong size, so I had to order more. And when the bottle of my Joy perfume to see how it was doing I accidentally spilled some on my pants. That was almost not a negative as it’s one of my favorites, so I didn’t mind the lingering smell.

What an adventure! Blending perfumes from a formula seems more scientific and mathematical than artsy. But even with the science of it all I still find the beauty of each oil so captivating! Watching the colors blend together and the changing of the fragrance with the addition of each oil is refreshing and intriguing.  It’s pretty amazing to me how each perfume definitely ends up a unique color of its own. Dimashq has a quite a green hue and Efflore is a faint yellow pink color. It’s also interesting for me to remember the process of trial and error that lead up to the final creation of each perfume. Some were more arduous that others….Efflore for example was at least 22 different blending adventures before I found the right list of ingredients to fiddle with.

Dimashq 1oz Perfume Atomizer


If you’re in the Eugene area, you should stop by The Pearl around Valentine’ s weekend for a massage and try my perfume testers! I’ll have my limited edition Valentine’s solid perfume available. It is somewhat like smelling chocolate roses – yum! If you aren’t in the Eugene area, you can checkout my perfumes at and at

Thanks for reading!

Fragrant Blessings,




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